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Anupama 21st September Written Episode Update : Kinjal Shifted To Anupama & Anuj’s House

Anupama 26 September 2022 Written Episode Update : Anupama Neglects Toshu's Suicide Threat

Anuj console Anupama and tells her that, he is proud of her as it’s not easy to expose her own son for his wrong deeds. This needs courage and she has it. Anupama starts crying and says she is tired of all this. Why her life is full of such problems ? People like Leela, Toshu and Pakhi made her life so difficult and she is fed off them.

Anupama notices that Anuj is having black tea before breakfast. She asks why you are doing so and went to prepare breakfast for him.

Kinjal wakes up and see Leela, Kavya and Vanraj in her room. She asks, where is my baby ? Dolly tells her, that Arya was crying hence they feed her milk and made her sleep. Kavya ask her are you fine ? Kinjal ask her, how could I be fine ? Vanraj asks her to forget everything but Leela asks her to forget Toshu and bring him back to home.

Kinjal asks, where is Anupama ? I want to drink her special tea. Kavya tells her, that Anupama went back to her home. Leela says I will call her, she will come back here. But Vanraj tells her not to disturb her as she needs to take care of her family too.

Vanraj tells Kinjal, he will call Anupama and prepares tea just like her. Kinjal says, that ok.

Anupama serves breakfast to Anuj and little Anu. Barkha walks in and asks about Kinjal. Anupama tells she is fine now.

Pakhi meets Adhik and tells him about Toshu. Adhik says, it’s common nowadays and the Shah family should forget Toshu.

Kinjal packs her bag and tells everyone that she is leaving Shah house. She thanks everyone for supporting her against Toshu. Leela request Kinjal not to leave home but Kinjal says, she feels suffocated in this house and now on will live with Anupama.

In the next episode, we will see Anupama welcome Kinjal and allows her to live with them. 


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